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About Silversea Media Group

Silversea Media Group (SMG) is a pioneering Infocomm media technology innovation and content production company, leveraging immersive VR / AR technology. In addition, providing customized solution based on immersive technology portfolios.


Headquartered in Singapore, we have offices in China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philipines, and Indonesia, followed by  Thailand soon. Our business mainly covers the Southeast Asia market. Without a doubt, we want to go big in terms of international presence over the region.


From wide variety of business sectors untill education enablement using immersive technology, Silversea Media Group offers a breakthrough solution to help business and education benefit from immersive media implementation. In other words, SMG are fully dedicated about bringing new and valuable experiences to the customers.

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Who We Are

Silversea Media aims to spread the power of interactive immersive technologies through the development of innovative 4D/VR/AR/MR solutions. Meanwhile, keep sharing more and more awareness to the people about new technology.


During our first endeavor, we experience a lot of shared cases and pain-points from different angle and point of view. So, as the results, we keep upgrading our methodology to overcome better opportunity and bigger challenges.

What We Do

Silversea Media aims to be an integrated, interactive and immersive media solution provider. Furthermore, contribute a lot to the business and society in terms of technological advancement especially in immersive media solution.


We understand that immersive media is a newly introduced technology that need to be more acknowldged by a lot of people. Hence, we keep pushing ourseleves to tell more and more about this technology, for example working with association, organizaton, and our respective clients providing end to end solution. In addition, we are providing business and technical support to implement this new technology with different type of cases and business sectors.

How We Do It

Silversea Media with our unique proprietary 4D/AR/VR/MR technology aims to empowers our customers and partners to achieve superior learning outcomes.


Firtsly, we want to connect with everyone in the industry to get to know more about collaboration. Secondly, we collaborate on every possible partnership to gain better understanding about challenges and opportunity. Lastly, we preserve the collaboration and its learning outcome to grow better together.


Above all, we will keep working on increasing demand creation and elevated business performance by leveraging the power of visualization and interaction through immersive technology implementation.

Our Services

Silversea Media Group (SMG) delivers affordable, easy-to-use solutions through two separate portfolios. For example, SilVRgrow – VR for Education and SilVRcraft – 3D/VR technology that bridges the offline to online business.

We are dedicated to help business and education sector to have exponential growth. Most importantly, bringing future technology like VR and AR into our favorable gain.

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SilVRcraft Technology, Digitalize Space Solution from Silversea Media Group,  employs an immersive media technology, using computer vision and highly specialised sensors.


For instance, creating the next generation of visual content to boost consumers’ interactions on the Web, mobile and VR. In addition, including the ability to generate actionable Immersive Media Analytics.


SilVRcraft solution enables anyone to create ultra-complex, high-quality 3D models with ease. Meanwhile, It offers a user-friendly way to rapidly capture the surrounding reality, and immediately render it interactive and shareable over the Internet. That is to say, in providing an engaging experience for your customers, our solution aims to open up new business models for you. Further leveraging the immersive content created.


SilVRcraft 4D (3D + business models that we can create) business applications , for example real estate (property sale or rental, co-working spaces), hospitality, event venues, retail, business promotion, entertainment, and heritage preservation. Furthermore, helping consumer applications to integrate virtual room design to support home improvement and furniture retailing.

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SilVRgrow Technology, Education Solution from Silversea Media Group,  recognizes the potential immersive technology hold to transform and elevate teaching processes and pedagogies.


Therefore, generating superior learning outcomes, higher retention levels and improved test results.


Moreover, our VR Silvrgrow FutureClass teaching platform coupled with a VR programming portal (Growcraft), operate synergistically to infuse new educational models. For example, teaching methods tailored for K12/STEAM courses. However, students experience fun-filled, innovative and interactive VR immersion courseware in the classroom that can help optimize the learning experience. Above all, Silvrgrow helps students to remain engaged and focused on their studies longer and with greater attention to detail.


SilVRgrow Technology can aid students build the skills for a lifetime – during classroom learning, the workplace and society at large. In conclusion, We are very dedicated to transform and redefine education as we know today into a better future.

Contact Us


1 Sims Lane, #05-05 Singapore 387355

Contact:  Ms. Tricia (+65 6920 8799)



Unit 2 – 1 The Podium, Tower 3, UOA Business Park No. 1 Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51A, Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Contact:  Mr. Oscar (+6018 2213204)



PPIU Building, 11th floor, st 169, Sangkat Veal Vong, Phnom Peng, Cambodia Postal Code 12253

Contact:  Mr. Dara (+855 12287166)



Room 1003C04 Level 3 Viet Tower Building, No. 01 Thai Ha Street, Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact:  Mr. Kien (+84 93 6282101)



Menara MTH 12th floor, JL MT Haryono Kav 23, Jakarta, Indonesia 12820

Contact:  Mr. David (+628811212161)


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